Amazon has a new toy. It is now possible to search the entire text of the books at Not all of them – only 120,000 right now – but enough that they may have, in one movement, overtaken the libraries of the world. Imagine searching for every reference to Hamlet among the texts of literature. I’m certain this is a good idea, but uncertain about Amazon’s use of it. Now, when an 8th grader has to do research on a subject, he may very well find himself browsing Amazon rather than sitting in his local library. I suppose the idea had to happen, but what remains to be seen is the company’s commitment to this as a free, unpatented resource. How will they use it? We’ll see.That said, it’s quite fun. Below are a few choice references to the word Quixotic in the world’s literature:“Jolted into sympathy for their victims, he commits a quixotic act of rebellion that brands him an enemy of’ the . . .” – J.M Coetze“are really manifestations of one grand under- lying principle. This quixotic quest isolated Einstein from the mainstream of physics, which, understandably, . . .” – Brian Green“Avram has “covenant-al- lies,” like any great chieftain? Avram, the quixotic quester, the self-conscious nomad, can organize an army of pursuit . . .” – Thomas Cahill”…and began my long quixotic journey to becoming the Poet Laureate of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS, who rode in droves to my . . .” – Hunter Thompson”. . . alive with an exaggerated sense of honor. They abounded in the most ultra German opinions respecting the duello. To these Quixotic notions some recent Parisian publications, backed by three or four desperate and fatal rencounters at G-n, had given new vigor . . .” – Edgar Allen Poe”. . . to my heart. What is most vexing is that the Russian character itself is being ruined. These days there’s a Quixotic streak in the Russian character that was never there before. Once he gets a little education in his head, he . . .” – Nikolai GogolThe list goes on for over 3000 books. Fascinating.