Everytime I look in on one of these discussions (Update: Scoble changed comment systems and in doing deleted all comments.), I have this imaginary vision of what it would look like, were it in the physical world rather than the digital one:I see a boy, standing in the middle of a large room with a whiffle ball bat. There is an elevated area in the middle of the room, and there are other people standing around the room, some in conversation, some alone. None can be heard really well except when standing on the elevated area, however, where their voices carry to everyone else at once.Occassionally one person will walk up, speak their peace, and walk to the side a bit to listen to what follows. Sometimes the boy with the bat jumps up and down ecstatically at what he hears. Sometimes, when the person whose spoken has said something he doesn’t like, the boy runs over and whacks him repeatedly with the whiffle ball bat. It doesn’t hurt. It’s more of an annoyance. Rarely does he let anyone converse calmly.I can’t be sure, but the sense is that the people along the edge of the room decide it’s not really worth the trouble. They can contentedly speak amongst themselves and get more done without having to be swatted at. So they talk amongst themselves, but then they are quickly accused of keeping secrets and told they must speak to everyone if they speak at all.Sometimes, the elevated area is empty save for the boy with the bat, at which point the boy lays down the bat, begins to sob a bit, and pleads for those around the room to come up and say something, anything, where he can hear it.After awhile, someone looks at the boy, smiles, and begins to walk toward the center to speak. That’s when the boy slowly leans down and picks up the bat again.