Every Sunday morning, when I can, I catch the polical talk shows that start at 10am on NBC, continue on ABC, and sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly energetic, finish with FOX or CNN. These days it constitutes the bulk of my attentive TV watching for the week in fact. I can always tell my level of attachment to what’s happening politically in the country by how much I’m yelling at the pundits/politicos/candidates when I watch.I would feel better psychically if they yelled back of course, but that wouldn’t stop the madness, so oh well.Regardless, as the Democratic primary looms I find myself increasingly attached to this Sunday morning ritual, and lately I’m rather charged up about it all. It will be an interesting year with Dean and Clark both maintaining support, the Clintons scheming behind the scenes and Bush shoring up his own support after a really bad year – there may be a real battle for the presidency this year.In 2000, it was milquetoast vs. evil beav, and we all suffered as a result. This year though is going to be a great one for yelling at the TV.