There. Done. Close enough to what I was aiming for, anyway.Changes are done, I’ve implemented a style-switching system in the menu above and linked CSS stylesheets, which hopefully prevents the need for a full fledged and cluttery sidebar. I haven’t seen any other sites use stylesheets in quite this way, to swap the content itself, so I’m pleased to find it was do-able despite not having anyone to show me the way by example. Then again, I’m sure someone out there has tried this and probably found it doesn’t work or isn’t scalable in some way that I’ve overlooked. Guess I’ll find that out for myself :-)Regardless, this method does what I need it to do, and I’ve tested on IE Mac, IE 6 for Windows, and of course Safari and Mozilla (which need very little hand-holding, thankfully). If it doesn’t work on older browsers, well, I’m not a professional or a perfectionist, so oh well. It should degrade well even if it doesn’t look perfect in those cases anyway.I’ve added Atom feeds since Movable Type has the templates now, which are the funky little icons I whipped up and scattered about. I’ve wrestled with RDF and RSS of various flavors as I learned to incorporate feeds, and I have to say, Atom seems to be much better. I don’t know why, specifically, not being a developer myself – but it looks better and in a weird way feels better too. Eh. No baggage I guess. I’ve kept the RSS feeds too since NetNewsWire, among others, doesn’t yet support Atom. Not sure they’ll stay once Atom is widely supported, since that horrible orange xml icon ain’t coming anywhere near this site. Icons that look like they were designed by the DMV – bleh.I’m sure I’ll tweak a few other thinks, including the ‘links’ bit, when I have time. I’m also going to incorporate a cleaner photo browser at some point. Oh, and I may actually write something here at some point. But don’t get your hopes up.