I try to avoid overt political rambling here, though I do indulge heavily in my links in “Distractions”, and because it leads to incidents of which we dare not speak, of those who flame out boisterously and fade, then turn out not to have wanted to be president at all. But let’s not.

No, this comment pertains to a sudden realization. Here’s the thing: I’m much more liberal than your average conservative. But, I’m not a liberal per se, due to a few pet peeves and frustration with Liberal methods as I perceive them. But I’m definitely not a Republican, and at this point it’s hard to see how I ever could be with the 20 year tack the GOP has been on.

So I mention it by way of saying, I’m pretty open, policy-wise, to a number of ideas. I tend to side with some Republicans on one thing, more often Democrats on other things, but never totally partisan. Then there’s the but: But, I realized recently that that is no longer the case.

I used to be skeptical of Clinton until proven otherwise, but in large part trusted him right up until the Monica thing, and even then I trusted his inner policy wonk. I was skeptical of Bush Sr. all along, but trusted him too, and voted against him in favor of Clinton only because I liked Clinton’s ideas, not for Real Big Reasons like Trust, Honesty, Transparency and Intelligence. Those rules don’t apply anymore though.

Now I find that I don’t believe anything that current Bush administration (BA) says or does. Anything that’s not obviously, proveably, true. The current dust up? That the dept of HHS produced a “fake” news clip and distributed it to tv stations as if a real reporter had produced it. Before this administration, I would have said, “Wow, how stupid – what were they thinking?” and been frustrated – but I wouldn’t have been mad. Now, I fully believe that the BA produced the spot maliciously and knowingly, and I’m pissed. There is a whole looong, series of incidents like this. It’s taken a lot to get me to this point – me, a democrat – to where I don’t trust the BA. I try to err on the side of believing in my President, even if he is in question in some ways, and put my energy into convincing/talking/writing to communicate to others about where I disagree. But, once it’s done, it’s done.

At this point, if George W. Bush told me that my dog needs to sh*t, that that’s why he’s scratching at the back door? I’d wonder what my dog had accidentally eaten that Bush wants to get back and hide from the American People. He’s lied so much that it’s really that bad.