So I found that I was culling a lot of links to content – music, movie clips, interviews, talks, etc. for my iPod and to watch on my Powerbook.

Digging around for these things revealed that there is very little effort to provide actual content – interesting content (that’s a relative thing, I know) – for mobiles, iPods, their clones and other handhelds. There are plenty of “get yerself a new ringtone” sites and places to purchase music, but very little in the way of unusual content, audio books talks and the like, even though there is a lot of that type of content out there. As a result I decided to build a new site: Podfodder

It gives me an opportunity to try out Textpattern, which is nice and may very well inhale this site before long, and it gives me a place to host links to interesting content that often enough I’m digging up anyway.
It’s a niche site that will not be iPod specific, though for now few other devices allow the level of customization that Apple’s little beast does, and it will include video and eventually, cross-over devices like Pocket PC’s and phone pda’s.

We’ll see how it goes, and if as I suspect there is an audience for this sort of thing, it could be fun.