10am, moved to Hemotology/Oncology ward where we’ll be staying until Zoe is released barring any major complications

Midday, first “Lastword” report given to us. This is a report for the staff that summarizes Zoe’s stats, particularly of concern to us are her RBC, WBC and Platelet counts:

  • White Blood Cell count: 13.2, normal is 5-19.5
  • Red Blood Cell count: 3.65, normal is 2.7-4.9
  • Hemoglobin: 11.64, normal is 9-14
  • Platelets: 38k, normal is 160-360k

Generally this is good news, the medications are controlling her fever and allowing her body to restock healthy blood cells. Platelets continue to be low, and her temperature is still low, but she is stable and in an ok mood when awake.

Remainder of the day is uneventful.