We’re home!

It’s the end of the first phase of this long road toward recovery, and we couldn’t be happier to be out of the hospital. There are a lot of reasons to be cautious, and some big hurdles ahead, but we have to appreciate each step forward as best we can.

Zoe is looking pretty good. She’s lost another 2 inches in girth, though she still has her steroid cheeks, and her vitals are all “ok”. Her blood counts are a little low, as expected, but not enough to be a concern at the moment with the medications she’s on supporting her. Her vitals for the record on her day of discharge:

  • WBC: 1.2
  • RBC: 3.07
  • Hemo: 9.2
  • Platelets: 93k
  • Temp 99
  • BP: 100/43 (a particularly good reading, some still come back over 110/60)

That’s it for now, more once we’re settled in at home.