We’ve been really pleased so far with everything about Duke. Great people, great care.

I wanted to post a video that our Nurse Coordinator pointed us toward earlier, one that I hope anyone reading will watch. It’s a short clip (3min) from the CBS Evening News about a girl who was diagnosed with a disorder at 6 months, and who wasn’t expect to live a full life. She required a double transplant consisting of both lungs and her bone marrow, both performed at Duke. Quite something.

Take a look:


The bit at the end with the confetti is 5200, the Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplant ward. After each child is ready to go home, they do a confetti parade with all of the parents, staff and other patients participating if they can. Several of Zoe’s treatment team folks are in this.

You can read more about this here at CBS. This originally aired on June 1st, 2010.