Zoe is sleeping a lot right now, and not a lot has changed in the past couple of days. She is receiving Fentanyl for pain, and Narcan to mitigate the side effects of the pain medication, which for her has been itchiness.

She’s not very interested in eating at the moment, she’s on IV nutrition as I’ve mentioned, so we’re going to try a night with Michelle out of the hospital and see how that goes. She’s been staying here to nurse, but as we start a period of time where that’s not going to be as practical, we might as well get her a break.

In general we’re in wait and see mode. We expect things to get a little more tense in coming days as (we hope) cells start to engraft, but until then quiet is a good thing.

[spoiler name=”Click for counts”]

  • WBC: 0.0
  • Creatinine: 0.1
  • Hemoglobin: 8.3
  • RBC: 2.83
  • Platelets: 69 (post-transfusion)