We’re still here!

Zoe’s mucositis has improved somewhat, earlier than expected, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Days +5 to +10 are supposed to be the worst, the doctor on this week has said he expects it to peak on Thursday, but so far Days 3 and 4 have been the worst for us.

Since Zoe has stopped nursing more than sporadically, she’s had a little easier time of it. We’re trying to have the best of both worlds by nursing her a little for the benefits that offers, while not so much that she has increased mucus build up.

Very little else has changed. Zoe’s diaper rash is back with a vengeance, but we expected that. She has had tons of chemo but has no white cells to heal the breakdown, so it will linger for awhile. Her counts remain where they were, and they are unlikely to change significantly until after Day +10.

In the meantime, it’s a matter of keeping her in the best possible spirits and manage her pain and comfort, which we’re getting better at we feel.

Zoe’s WBC count has remained at “<0.1” for days now, which is somehow better than “0.0”. Now we wait for “0.2” or higher.