Great news this morning, Zoe’s count is back up to 0.2 after holding at 0.1 for two days. Everyone is confident that she is growing cells now, so we’re off to the races. Next step will be holding at 0.3 for more than a few days, showing some stability with her counts.

It’s been a fairly busy morning for Michelle at the hospital, she’s begun learning the nursing tasks that we’ll need to handle while we are outpatient locally. After Zoe has engrafted and stabilized, somewhere around the +30 day mark if things are going well, we will be released to our local apartment. We will need to stay there until around day +100 before we can return home, but during that time we will be doing everything that the nurses normally do in terms of dressing changes, line cleaning and blood draws, so we have to learn those things. Michelle got off to a good start today, we’ll both do more over the next two weeks.

Zoe is looking good and seems to have passed the worst of the pain, as hoped. She is sleeping a lot, almost all the time, which is as it should be. She’s growing cells and she needs it.

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  • WBC: 0.2
  • Hemo: 9.9
  • RBC: 3.32
  • Platelets: 26 (she gets a transfusion most every day at the moment)
  • NK: 109 (100-1300 is normal for 2mo-2yrs)
  • Creatinine: 0.3
  • Bilirubin: 0.4