Clearly Zoe is a soccer fan. We had a very bumpy day yesterday, the kids have a lot of bone pain while growing cells, but this was really something else. It was probably the worst pain she’s actually had to endure without much pain medication, since the Fentanyl doesn’t help as much with bone pain. Tylenol does, but it takes a while to take effect.

We’ve started pre-medicating Zoe with Tylenol in advance of the GCF (cell growth medication), because that is what seems to be causing the major bone pain. Things have been better since we started doing that.

She did great though. Her White Blood Cell count went up to 1.3 today, nearly triple what it was yesterday, and her ANC hit 1079. Fantastic news! I don’t know if she’s responding really well to the cell growth medication, or if there is another explanation, but she is off to the races.

Our next steps are to keep above 500 for two more days to be considered officially “engrafted”. That seems pretty likely at this point, but we’ll still have to wait and see. After that Zoe will continue to grow cells this week and in a week or two we’ll do a chimera test to find out which cells are growing, her old cells or the new cells.

Big sighs of relief around here.