Zoe is still in some discomfort, but she seems better today. Her cell growth has continued to be very high, she’s now up to 3.6 WBC and 2988 ANC, which is actually quite a bit higher than she was leading up to her transplant I believe, even before her final week of conditioning.

Maya has come down with some sort of summer bug, we think possibly due to something she picked up at the pool, but her fever never got very high (100/101) and it appears to be fading after about 36 hours. She is, we believe, out of range of having FHL in terms of her age. She has of course been sick several times in such a way as to trigger it were it present, including with the same virus that triggered Zoe’s.

Still, there is nothing more stressful I would say than to endure something like we have with Zoe and then turn around and fear for the same thing happening to her sister. The doctors feel confident that there is no danger, but the nature of HLH is such that it terrorizes parents who know what can happen. I can’t comprehend, even having been through what we have so far, what those families who have seen the worst of HLH endure. Particularly with siblings — knowing that the hereditary risk exists is the stuff of nightmares.

On a lighter note, one of the nurses made a little bow for Zoe today out of one of the medical materials used in her care — we thought it was cute.