I collect a lot of links. This is a periodic collection of 5 interesting items I encountered this week. 

The Core Curriculum

Shawn Blanc:

1. There are many books, speeches, articles, sermons, quotes, and conversations which have shaped us over the years into the people we are.

2. We retain a limited amount information when learning something new, and our recollection and interpretation of that information gets foggier over time.

3. The best way to keep important information fresh and accurate is to review it regularly.

…why not put together a small notebook that contains highlights and summaries from the books, speeches, articles, sermons, teachings, and other things which have most shaped us? Our own Core Curriculum.


Writing a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story on Twitter


Abusing Contributors is Not OK

Insightful thoughts on managing an open source community in response to the latest controversy about Linus Torvalds’ treatment of contributors.


Is eating behavior influenced by microbes in the digestive tract? 

Evolutionary conflict between the host and microbiota may lead to cravings and cognitive conflict with regard to food choice. Exerting self-control over eating choices may be partly a matter of suppressing microbial signals that originate in the gut. Acquired tastes may be due to the acquisition of microbes that benefit from those foods. Our review suggests that one way to change eating behavior is by intervening in our microbiota.



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