I collect a lot of links. This is a periodic collection of 5 interesting items I encountered recently. 

A brief history of NSA backdoors

An informative run down of the ways the NSA and other agencies have undermined encryption standards over the years, going back to the resale of Enigma machines with compromised ciphers after WW2.

Grass Mud Horse

Craig Hockenberry discusses his theories and feedback after suspicious changes to Chinese DNS caused a massive DDoS attack on his company’s site.

57 things to be a better cook

We’re cooking more lately…

100 Books to read in a lifetime

Some unusual picks. I’ve read 34, it seems I have some work to do. Percy Jackson & The Hunger Games though?


A visual terminal/cli file system browser. Try it out with brew install ranger (1? for a list of keybindings, Q to exit.).

Bonus Metal Cat Vine! (be sure to unmute!)