My youngest daughter has been diagnosed with HLH, a highly aggressive non-cancerous but potentially fatal disease. She’s two months old.

Though I haven’t used this site in quite some time, I have begun a journal to document our experience surviving this disease, in part for my own sanity, and in part for the next parent who seeks a non-medical resource to understand what they might expect.

You can find it here.

Apple Self Checkout

The Apple Store Self Check-out Machine: Sure beats the cranky supermarket dealies.

Luntz is Alarmed

‘Asserting that the economy is strong and Iraq a success is simply not credible to the majority of Americans or …

Karl Rove in a Corner

The full text of the Atlantic article, ‘Karl Rove in a Corner’ is available for non-subscribers now. Necessary reading in …

Audio In

Have an audio in port on your Mac, but not sure how to capture what goes in there? Try Audio …

RSS TV Listings

Finally the prediction is coming true: XML Feed Tv Listings

Lost Nader

I’m all for a viable 3rd party, and would love to see the stranglehold on electoral politics loosened from the …

Can’t Let Go

‘From stage to stage and stump to stump, W keeps replaying moments from the debate and then giving the answers …

iMac Troubleshooting Assistant

Nice. The iMac Troubleshooting Assistant. Apple is refinining their game year over year, consistently getting better.

No Leash

‘No president who has presided over Abu Ghraib should ever say he wants to put anyone on a leash.’ Ouch. …

Macs are Cheaper

Macs are Cheaper. Have been for awhile, but because there aren’t any bottom of the bucket models no one believes …

O’Stewart Factor

Jon Stewart on the O’Reilly Factor: Nothing fazes him, not even the gigantic ass sitting on O’Reilly’s shoulders. (Full Transcript)