Microsoft today announced their new technology, heroin! Great name guys, really.

Dawn of the Dead Redux

Dawn of the Dead (2004): Ooh, ooh, sprinting zombies!! Meaningless fun. Nothing wrong with that…

I Heart Huckabees

I Heart Huckabees: A fun excercise that could have been a fascinating movie. Too uneven, too unfocused for the subject …


‘Hardball, MSNBC: Continuous live coverage of every thought, whim, or fancy which enters Chris Matthews’ mind—no matter how irrelevant or …

Free Music Sites

Long list of free (legal) music download sites. (for posterity)


Looks like Quicksilver has some competition, in the form of Sputnik. Groovy. The race to the most refined productivity tool …

Gibson on Movies of Books

William Gibson offers this note about his books becoming films: ‘I should warn you … I don’t regard films of …

ABC’s The Note RSS

The XML feed for ABC’s daily political gospel, The Note, is not exactly easy to find. Here you go.


A great profile of Mark Halperin who writes ABC’s The Note.


Best spoiler line: Jesus gets tacked up. But he gets over it.

Wilco in Raleigh Photos

Some shots from the recent Wilco show in Raleigh. Great show, though Tweedy was a bit snippy. Perogative I guess. …